The name of our winery, Carpinus (Latin for hornbeam, the English translation of the Hungarian name), is after Gyertyános, our largest current vineyard. During our lives we have had the opportunity to work and gain experience at leading wineries in and outside Hungary which we can put to good use in our family winery. It is our goal for Carpinus Winery to be an example of a Tokaj winery that with top quality work and family cooperation, without compromise, can run sustainably and build a stable position in the world wine market. Continuing local values established by families from the wine region is of particular importance to us.

Our vineyards are located in the Tokaj Wine Region: Gyertyános, Lapis, Deák, Budaházy, Poklos, Veresek és Dereszla vineyards. Our vineyards were classed first and second growths according to the historical classifications. We work with Autochthonous varieties and place the greatest emphasis on Furmint.

Our expectations of ourselves are that by making the very best wine possible, we can present the natural assets and varieties of the varied terroirs of Tokaj Wine Region. We strive to cultivate our crop with environmentally friendly cultivation practices. The individual attributes of the vineyards (soils, aspect, microclimate) are expressed through our single-vineyard wines. Our wines are characteristically fresh, elegant and harmonious, and to be enjoyed.

-- Edit Bai and István Bai


Good wine can only come from beautifully healthy grapes, so it is important to us to closely supervise every process from the vineyard to bottling. When the whole year’s work has come to fruition, then we have the opportunity to create. A winemaker can only show their true vision once a year, and this is followed by refinements. This is what makes outstanding wine in the bottle.

-- István Bai

grand reserve 2015

Harvested in different first class vineyards with selecting only the healthy bunches. Introduces intensive citrus nose, fresh and fruity taste, rich minerality, beautiful acidity in taste and nose. A well balanced, elegant wine, with a hint of residual sugar. Bears pleasing complexity and medium long finish.

Hárslevelű 2015

Harvested from our principal vineyard called Gyertyanos. Introduces fresh, ripe pure notes, honey, floral fragrant, lime peel and touch of elderflower. A palate of white peach and tropical aromas followed by a silky lingering finish. Easy-drinking wine for a good summer time.

grand reserve 2015
Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh, ripe wine with the characteristic of the grape variety made with reductive technology. In nose reminds of intensive gooseberry, elderberry, nettle and citrus notes. This wine shows the minerality given in the region and the rhyolite soil of the Budaházy vineyard.

grand reserve 2015
Deák Furmint

Single-vineyard wine from the Deák vineyard. After assorting the grapes and whole bunch pressing, the must was fermented and aged in stainless steel vats and we kept it fine lees for 5 months. Fresh on the palate, vibrant fruitiness (white peach and lychee) and acidity makes the wine very drinkable.

grand reserve 2015
Lapis Furmint

Single-vineyard wine from the Lapis vineyard. After assorting the grapes and whole bunch pressing, the must was fermented and aged in stainless steel vats and we kept it fine lees for 5 months. A Furmint of unusual elegance, richly textured and very well balanced on the palate. It is tipical mineral, chalky with long finished, straight and characteristic.

grand reserve 2015
Grand Reserve Furmint

Harvested in three different first class vineyards with selecting only the healthy Furmint bunches. After assorting the grapes and whole bunch pressing, the must was fermented and aged in hungarian oak barrels and we kept it fine lees for 6 months with battonage. Introduces spicy notes, flavors of stone fruits, earth and mineral complexity. Long ship of clean and tight acidity which held by barrel tannins. Great potential for aging.

grand reserve 2015
LAte Harvest Furmint

The grapes harvested from Lapis vineyard in Bodrogkeresztúr. The liveliness in the wine is determined by the carefull viticultural works, the fermentation in stainless steel tanks and the vintage. An easy drinking, elegant wine which is rich in taste with lively acidity and 95 g/l residual sugar content. In the finish the acidity with the residual sugar content serves with a splendid balance.

grand reserve 2015
Tokaji Aszú

The Aszú berries were selected from different vineyards with particular care. The wine matured in second and thired filled barrels (220 l) for 24 months. The nose is dominated by citrus fruits, honey and spicy. Its taste is harmonious and creamy, and the vivacious acids give a good balance with the naturally residual sugar. There are delightful flavours of orange peel and peach completed by the minerality of the terroirs.


Exposure: E-SE
Planted in: 1985
Grape varieties: 75% Furmint, 25% Hárslevelű
Soil: Particularly varied, heavy lithosol, clay with high bentonite content, red nyirok clay, brown earth, easily fragmented kaolin, illite, red and yellow dacite tuff, red and blue andesite.

Its wine is fresh, complex, varied, rich in flavours, well-structured, mineral, with long finish and a slightly salty character.

Poklos dűlő

Exposure: S-SW-W
Planted in: 1998 
Grape varietie(s): 100% Furmint
Soil: Brown earth mixed with blue and red andesite

Its wine is salty, mineral, almond, flowers, silex in nose.

Budaházy dűlő

Exposure: S
Planted in: 1973 
Grape varietie(s): 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Soil: Sandstone, fragmented rhyolite, marl in places

Its wine is characteristically citrusy, cool, elegant with long finish and delicious minerality.


Exposure: SE
Planted in: 1998
Grape varietie(s): 100%  Sárga muskotály
Soil: Loess, andesite, mixed with small perlite gravels.

Its wine is fragrant, airy, silky and charming.

Deák dűlő

Exposure: S-SW
Planted in: 1985
Grape varietie(s): 100%  Furmint
Soil: Eroded loess, mixed near the surface with hard andesite and dacite.

Its wine is full of flavour, dense texture, rich.

Lapis dűlő

Exposure: SE-S-SW
Planted in: 1980 
Grape varieties: 80% Furmint 20% Hárslevelű
Soil: Nyirok clay soil mixed with soft white and grey rhyolite tuff

Its wine is tipical mineral, chalky with long finished, straight, characteristic.


Exposure: S
Planted in: 1989
Grape varietie(s): Furmint
Soil: Nyirok clay soil and rhyolite tuff

Its wine is rich in minerality,citrus fruities and extremely elegant.

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